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5 pósters de tiburones perfectos como regalo para cualquier amante del océano
buceo con tiburones

5 shark posters perfect as a gift for any ocean lover

If you're looking for an original gift for any shark and ocean lover, this series...
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5 excelentes barcos de buceo vida a bordo del Mar Rojo por menos de 100 € al día
buceo vida a bordo

5 excellent Red Sea liveaboards for less than 100 € per day

A proposition: diving in the Red Sea for less than the cost of each dive...
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Cómo consumir menos aire en cada inmersión

How to use less air on every dive

Follow these seven tips and you will be able to stay underwater longer and longer.
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¿Problemas para compensar? Prueba la maniobra de Valsalva modificada

Trouble equalizing while diving? Try the modified Valsalva maneuver

It's a tried and true trick that we've approved - it works!
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Trucos para ponerte el neopreno más facilmente

Tips to make your wetsuit easier to put on

Do you have trouble getting into your wetsuit before diving?
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Cómo iniciarse en el buceo y no arruinarse en el intento

Starting Scuba Diving Without Breaking the Bank: Expert Advice and Tips

Are you ready to dive into the world of scuba but worried about the cost?...
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Los trucos definitivos para compensar los oídos

The definitive tricks to clear ears and equalize while diving

You'll never have problems equalizing again after reading this article
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Trucos para bucear con corrientes

Tips for diving with currents

Do you know the different types of ocean currents and how to deal with them...
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10 consejos para nuevos buceadores

Top 10 tips for newbie divers to improve diving skills

Just got your Open Water Diver license? Check this 10 simple tips to make each...
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7 remedios infalibles para evitar que tu máscara de buceo se empañe

7 foolproof remedies to prevent your diving mask from fogging up

Those who have suffered it, they know that feeling very well: a fogged diving mask...
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