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El año del dragón marino de hoja
caballitos de mar

Know it all about the leafy sea dragon

Possibly one of the most delicate and elegant animals in the ocean
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Los mejores lugares del mundo para ver ballenas azules
avistamiento de cetáceos

The best places in the world for blue whale watching

Is seeing blue whales among your priorities? Here are the 4 best destinations in the...
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Buceo en Elphinstone, entre tiburones y jardines de coral

Diving in Elphinstone, among sharks and coral gardens

Elphinstone is one of the most famous reefs in the southern Red Sea, in fact,...
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Pecio Umbria, un polvorín convertido en joya submarina

Umbria wreck, a powder magazine turned into an underwater jewel

The cargo, visibility, ease of diving, history and the danger presented by the more than...
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¿Qué es el muck diving?

What is muck diving?

Muck diving is precisely the opposite of what we might associate with its name. It...
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Cómo actuar ante un ataque de pánico mientras buceas

How to deal with a panic attack while diving

Do you know what a panic attack is and how to overcome it?
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