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5 pósters de tiburones perfectos como regalo para cualquier amante del océano
buceo con tiburones

5 shark posters perfect as a gift for any ocean lover

If you're looking for an original gift for any shark and ocean lover, this series...
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5 excelentes barcos de buceo vida a bordo del Mar Rojo por menos de 100 € al día
buceo vida a bordo

5 excellent Red Sea liveaboards for less than 100 € per day

A proposition: diving in the Red Sea for less than the cost of each dive...
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10 curiosidades sobre los caballitos de mar que quizá desconocías

10 amazing facts about seahorses: from camouflage to courtship

Discover 10 fascinating facts you probably didn't know about seahorses. From their unique appearance to...
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Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre las barracudas: características, hábitat y curiosidades

All You Need to Know About Barracudas: Characteristics, Habitat, and Fun Facts

In this article, we'll explore the unique characteristics of barracudas, including their physical features, hunting...
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10 curiosidades sobre los pulpos que desconocías

10 fascinating octopus facts that you probably didn't know

Intelligent, curious, smart predators and rare. Very rare
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Curiosidades y preguntas frecuentes sobre los tiburones

Shark fun facts and common questions

We answer some of the most common doubts and questions we have about sharks.
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8 sorprendentes curiosidades acerca del pez luna

8 surprising facts about sunfish

The sunfish is one of our favorite animals. Maybe yours too after reading these curious...
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7 bellezas de las profundidades del océano con sorprendentes adaptaciones

7 beauties of ocean depths with amazing adaptations

Evolution has provided these 7 beings with adaptations to survive in an extreme environment that,...
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8 cosas que quizá no sabías sobre los nudibranquios

8 facts you didn't know about nudibranch

What do you know about these enigmatic mollusks?
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