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5 pósters de tiburones perfectos como regalo para cualquier amante del océano
buceo con tiburones

5 shark posters perfect as a gift for any ocean lover

If you're looking for an original gift for any shark and ocean lover, this series...
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5 excelentes barcos de buceo vida a bordo del Mar Rojo por menos de 100 € al día
buceo vida a bordo

5 excellent Red Sea liveaboards for less than 100 € per day

A proposition: diving in the Red Sea for less than the cost of each dive...
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El equipo imprescindible que necesitas llevar en tus viajes de buceo

The essential dive gear you need to bring on your dive trips

Our must-haves for diving trips
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Por qué fumar es mucho más dañino en buceadores

Why smoking is much more harmful to divers

Smoking is harmful, but smoking and diving is doubly harmful. Do you know why?
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Carabela Portuguesa ¿es o no es una medusa?

Exploring the Beauty and Danger of Portuguese Man O' War: A Guide for Beachgoers

Is a Portuguese Man O'War a jellyfish or not? What should I do if I...
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Los mejores reguladores de buceo para principiantes y avanzados

The best scuba diving regulators for beginners and advanced divers

Can we help you choose the right diving regulator for you?
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10 consejos para nuevos buceadores

Top 10 tips for newbie divers to improve diving skills

Just got your Open Water Diver license? Check this 10 simple tips to make each...
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