The best liveaboards in Socorro Island

Socorro Island: Top dive destination with large predators

There are few dive sites in the world like Socorro Island. There are only three other places in the world where you can see dolphins, different species of sharks and giant mantas in the same dive. If your dream is to dive with the ocean's biggest predators, Socorro Island is the place for you.

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Why Socorro Island has become one of the best dive destinations in the world

In Socorro we can find some of the most extraordinary oceanic manta rays in the world, extraordinary for their size and for the curiosity they have for divers and their bubbles. Such intimate and close encounters with manta rays, which can reach up to 6 meters in span and more than a ton in weight, are usually only possible in Socorro.

From January to April, humpback whales and their calves cross the Socorro Archipelago in search of warmer waters. There are few places in the world where you can see humpback whales like you can in Socorro. No liveaboard can guarantee that you will see them on your dive trip, but there is a good chance during this time of year as hundreds of whales "flee" the cold waters of Canada in search of the warm south.

Socorro, as great a Pacific diving destination as it is, is home to a large number and variety of sharks that you can easily dive with. The big hammerheads stand out, but there are also encounters with whale sharks, silky sharks, Galapagos sharks, silky sharks and even tiger sharks! Socorro is one of the pelagic destinations par excellence, along with Galapagos and Cocos.

Socorro is a destination for experienced divers only due to its strong currents and great depths, which together with the fact that only 10 liveaboards operate in the area, will find you isolated in a wild place where you live for diving 24 hours a day. Definitely a destination for the most demanding divers.

Due to the respect that the few boats that operate in Socorro have for both the animals and the environment, bottlenose dolphins are very playful with divers, boats and dinghis, making underwater encounters with them very common, close and friendly.

This dive site sums up everything Socorro has to offer. A dive here can be a shock, a kind of Stendhal Syndrome for many divers. Only here is it possible to find dozens of sleeping whitetip sharks, giant mantas, dolphins, whale sharks or humpback whales in the same dive. And it is possible to see all these jewels in a single dive at Roca Partida.

When is the best time to go diving in Socorro Island?

There are two diving seasons in Socorro Island, with November through May being the best time to dive, especially in November. In addition, the ocean conditions are much better in the Pacific, with fewer waves, more sunshine and only occasional rain.

The famous giant manta rays of Socorro Island can be seen all year round, but during the winter months there are more chances to see whale sharks and a very special visitor, the humpback whales that come to Socorro Island to mate and give birth during the winter. There is more plankton in the water at this time of year, which reduces visibility but also attracts manta rays and whale sharks.
The summer months are the off-season for tourism and diving in the area. The sea becomes more complicated to navigate and as the water warms, fewer pelagic species can be seen. Many of the boats that operate from Socorro Island go to Guadalupe during the summer and into October to dive with white sharks.

What is it like to dive in Socorro Island?