7 remedios infalibles para evitar que tu máscara de buceo se empañe
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7 foolproof remedies to prevent your diving mask from fogging up

by Jorge Mezcua on Nov 21, 2022

Those who have suffered it, they know that feeling very well: a fogged diving mask ruins the whole dive. One of the most important reasons to dive is to be able see that inaccessible world that is below the surface and I assure you that with a fogged mask that world is not so attractive. In addition, it can be a safety issue for you and your dive buddy. First because you will not see clearly and secondly because when your mask is fogged up you will be determined to put an end to this annoying feeling, having a poor buoyancy control and possibly losing sight of what you have around. It is easy to prevent the masks from fogging up, simply apply some treatments before the first use of that mask and a few procedures on the following dives.

The first two following procedures have to be applied to brand new diving masks since they come with a thin layer of silicone to avoid damaging the lenses during the manufacturing process. It is important to remove that layer or your mask will be fogged up in every dive.

1. Toothpaste

This remedy is known by almost all divers in the world and it is important to apply it before the first use of that new mask. Put toothpaste on the lenses, both inside and outside, and rub it with your finger or a cloth not too rough to avoid scratching the glass. Rub for a couple of minutes on each side of each lenses and rinse it in plenty of fresh water. Now, you only have to apply any of the following tricks from number 3.

2 Fire!

This trick is also used to remove the silicone layer mentioned before. If done well, you only have to do it once. Without fear but with prudence, point the flame of a lighter or candle towards the lens and burn it until it turns black. When it cools, clean it with a cloth.

Note that you can only do that in diving masks with crystal lenses, not with plastic lenses (you really should not buy a diving mask with plastic lenses) and do not let it get too hot.



Once you have removed that silicone layer, you have to follow any of the next procedures always before each dive:

3. Spit

spit in your mask

Spit in your mask, feel like a real scuba diver

The cheapest, most effective remedy that follows us everywhere and always available. Spitting inside the mask will cause a small layer of saliva to remain on the mask's glasses, preventing it from fogging. Just spit on it, rinse briefly, put it on, and let's dive! Note that If you let your saliva dry it will not work.

4. Antifog spray

There are several antifog sprays created specifically for diving masks and they usually work very well. The procedure is the same as that used for the saliva trick: apply, rinse and put your mask on.

5. Baby shampoo

Another home remedy used for many divers. It is very useful and cheaper than the antifog sprays. We recommend you to put in a small bottle a bit of baby shampoo in tap water and take it with you in your diving bag. Before each dive you take a few drops, rub the lenses and rinse. Why baby shampoo? Well mainly because it is not irritating and second because it smells better.

6. Glycerin soap

It is used in the same way as the advice above, the only difference is that you have to make sure it is biodegradable so that it can be rinsed in seawater before submerging. 

7. Potatoes

This is a remedy that I have not tried and that I have listened to a few divers who assured that it is the best remedy against the mask fogging. In this case it is a matter of rubbing a slice of the potato, rinsing the mask and that's it. So if you're one of those who dive with potatoes in your bag, do us a favor, give it a try and tell us how it goes 😂

What other remedies do you use? Which ones work best for you?

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