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5 pósters de tiburones perfectos como regalo para cualquier amante del océano
buceo con tiburones

5 shark posters perfect as a gift for any ocean lover

If you're looking for an original gift for any shark and ocean lover, this series...
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5 excelentes barcos de buceo vida a bordo del Mar Rojo por menos de 100 € al día
buceo vida a bordo

5 excellent Red Sea liveaboards for less than 100 € per day

A proposition: diving in the Red Sea for less than the cost of each dive...
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Los 10 peces más bellos y coloridos del arrecife de coral

The 10 most beautiful and colorful fish of the coral reef

Is your favorite here? Is there one missing?
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Pez labios dulces, uno de los seres más bellos del arrecife de coral

Sweetlips fish, one of the most beautiful creatures in the coral reef

The sweetlips fish (Plectorhinchus) belongs to the Hemulidae family and encompasses 35 species that vary...
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