Who are we?

We want to connect with scuba divers and ocean lovers like us through underwater adventures, the extraordinary wildlife it hosts and in-depth knowledge of the marine ecosystem.

It all stems from our deep love for the ocean.

Komodo, manta rays, the Thistlegorm, turtles in Siladen, wrecks of Malta, whales in Tenerife or the currents of Palau. We have been diving for more than 15 years. We deeply love the ocean. We are passionate about the underwater world. We never cease to be amazed on every trip. We are fascinated by marine diversity and how each piece of the ecosystem fits together and needs each other.

We design original apparel and accessories with its own style for ocean lovers like us. Nothing else. We translate each of our underwater experiences into the collections.

We want to dress those who are amazed by the biodiversity of our planet, those who are fascinated by the dynamics of the ocean, its balance and are aware of the impact of each of our actions on oceans health.

High quality produced just for you

  • Organic cottons

    Most of our garments are made of 100% certified organic cottons. We also produce 100% soft, durable and high quality cottons.

  • Comfortable and lightweight

    We want to provide you with maximum comfort and lightness.

  • Daily comfort

    And style while showing your love for nature.

On demand only. Zero textile waste

We produce as we dive: unhurriedly

The products you see in our store are not yet produced. We create them for you when you place your order. You will not receive your order within 24 hours. If you are in a hurry Fordivers is not your place.

We produce your product on demand as close as possible to your location. Our business model allows savings in transportation, CO2 emissions, energy, space and water. We get out of the wheel of fashion overproduction that generates thousands of tons of waste every year. We get out of the wheel of the urgent sale of that overproduction of constant discounts.

Free delivery orders over 100€

Free delivery orders over 100€

Guaranteed return

You have 15 days from receipt of your order to return the garment.

Online support

24 hours, 7 days a week

Flexible payment

Different payment options