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5 pósters de tiburones perfectos como regalo para cualquier amante del océano
buceo con tiburones

5 shark posters perfect as a gift for any ocean lover

If you're looking for an original gift for any shark and ocean lover, this series...
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5 excelentes barcos de buceo vida a bordo del Mar Rojo por menos de 100 € al día
buceo vida a bordo

5 excellent Red Sea liveaboards for less than 100 € per day

A proposition: diving in the Red Sea for less than the cost of each dive...
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Fordivers blog

Cuándo plantearte un viaje de buceo a Maldivas desde resort

When to consider resort diving trip in Maldives

Yes, from resort you can also have an unforgettable diving trip to Maldives.
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Buceo en Twin Rocks, Anilao - Filipinas

Diving Twin Rocks, Anilao - Philippines

Get to know what diving in Twin Rocks, Anilao is like
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Cenotes, la entrada al maravilloso inframundo de los mayas

Cenotes, the entrance to the marvelous Mayan underworld

To dive in the Cenotes is to enter not only Mayan mythology, but also the...
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Buceo en Roca Partida, imán de pelágicos

Diving at Roca Partida, a magnet for pelagic species

Roca Partida is the smallest island in the Revillagigedo Archipelago, where we will dive with...
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Buceo en el Estrecho de Tirán del Mar Rojo

Diving in the Straits of Tiran - Red Sea

Know the best dive sites in the Strait of Tiran
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Buceo en el Estrecho de Lembeh, el mejor muck diving del mundo

Diving in the Lembeh Strait, the best muck diving in the world

Discover the best muck diving in the world
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La guía de buceo en Brother Islands, Mar Rojo, más completa

Brother Islands, Red Sea: the most complete diving guide

The Brother Islands are one of the most exciting liveaboard dive destinations in the Red...
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Buceo en Alor, uno de los destinos más coloridos del mundo

Diving in Alor, one of the most colorful destinations in the world

Have you heard of this corner of the planet, full of biodiversity and exciting diving?
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Ras Mohammed, el mejor buceo del norte del Mar Rojo

Ras Mohammed, the best diving in the northern Red Sea

Ras Mohammed is a must dive area for first time visitors to the Red Sea.
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open water diver diving trip

The best dive sites for beginners and Open Water divers

Looking forward to your first international dive trip?
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La guía de buceo en Sharm el Sheikh más completa

Sharm el Sheikh's most complete diving guide

From a fishing village to one of the TOP diving destinations in the world. Discover...
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Guía de buceo en Bali: review de sus mejores zonas y puntos de buceo

Bali scuba diving guide: review of its best dive sites

Discover Indonesia's most exciting underwater landscapes with this Bali diving guide.
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