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Top 10 Shark Diving Destinations

by Jorge Mezcua on Dec 22, 2022


Azores is a Portuguese archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This nine island archipelago is one of the best world diving destinations for blue sharks diving where you can also dive with mobulas and have amazing sightings of sperm whales, blue whales or dolphins.


bahamas sharks
Karlos Simón diving with sharks in Bahamas

The Bahamas is the best destination in the Caribbean for shark diving. This archipelago of over 1,200 islands is the home of a great a variety of sharks, from gray reef sharks to the great hammerhead shark, bull, lemon, nurse or tiger sharks. In Bahamas you can surround yourself with dozens of 5 meter long sharks!

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Coco's Island

hammerhead sharks school
This amazing hammerhead sharks school can be found in Coco's Island. Pic courtesy of ©Alexander Safonov

Cocos Island is an uninhabited island of Costa Rica with great biodiversity. Besides whale sharks you can find massive schools of hammerhead sharks, white tip sharks, giant manta rays, the largest tuna fish or bottlenose dolphins.


galapagos shark school
School of hammerhead sharks. Pic by zlatkarp

Galapagos is a 13 large islands archipelago where you can see an extraordinary spectacle: during daylight groups up to 100 hammerhead sharks patrol the ocean a few meters from the surface.  

Guadalupe Island

white shark guadalupe
Guadalupe Island, great white shark sanctuary. Pic By pterantula

Guadalupe is a Mexican island in the Pacific Ocean that has become a sanctuary for great white sharks. 108 white sharks have been registered in this Biosphere Reserve. At Guadalupe you can dive with up to 5 white sharks simultaneously inside of a security cage... but if are brave enough you can dive face to face with this huge sharks in the middle of the ocean.


whale shark
Diving with whale sharks in Ari Atoll, Maldives. Pic by spettacolopuro

The 26 atolls and 1,000 coral islands of the Maldives are the home to many species of reef and pelagic sharks. All throughout the year whale sharks and hammerheads visit this paradise of water full of nutrients. If you are lucky enough to dive in the Maldives do not forget to visit Hanifaru Bay, the largest sanctuary for sharks where you can also dive with dozens of huge manta rays.


palau sharks
Gray sharks are commonly seen in Palau. Pic courtesy of © Kinoh

Palau is a unique place in the world, consisting of over 300 coral islands lost in the Philippines Sea. The rich waters around that archipelago attract gray sharks, turtles, manta rays, eagle rays and whale sharks. Palau also hides a surprising spectacle, a lake where more than 5 million harmless jellyfish do the same migration every single day following the sunlight ... and with which you can swim without fear.


philippines sharks
This peaceful sharks can grow up to 18 meters. Pic by lotuspilgrim

The Philippines is one of the most popular diving destinations for the biggest pelagic creatures lovers but also among the macro and smaller creature lovers. Besides a large number of docile whale sharks you can dive with hammerhead sharks, white tips and gray sharks.

Red Sea

oceanic whitetip shark
Oceanic Whitetip shark in Elphinstone, Red Sea. Pic courtesy of © Derek Haslam

Besides the beautiful coral gardens, the beautiful and amazing shipwrecks, the Red Sea is also known for the presence of oceanic whitetip sharks, also known as longimanus shark. This predator, which Captain Jacques Cousteau considered the most dangerous shark, can be seen in diving spots of the south of the Red Sea, in areas like Elphinstone, Brother Islands and Daedalus. In the Red Sea you can also dive with the estrange thresher shark.

South Africa

south africa sharks
Besides great white sharks, in South Africa you can find lots of black tip sharks. Pic courtesy of © Joost van Uffelen

Shark lovers that travel to South Africa know that there is much more there besides the greatest white sharks. In South Africa you can also dive with huge bull sharks, black and white tip sharks and, in June, you can witness one of the planet's most amazing migrations: "The sardine run" Billions of sardines travel along the east coast of Africa from South Africa trying to scape from tunas, cormorants, seals, killer whales, dolphins, sharks and even whales that feed on this mileage school. 

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