Red Sea North Route Plus Salem Express

The most breathtaking diving trip in the Red Sea

Red Sea North Route Plus Salem Express

The Northern Route including Salem Express is a special, very special route. Suitable for divers of all levels and with a short navigation, you can enjoy peaceful nights and dreamlike landscapes such as the Sinai Peninsula or the numerous islands with their magnificent lagoons and reefs. One of the highlights will be the dive on the wreck of the Salem Express, the 'Titanic' of the Red Sea, a breathtaking dive. Unparalleled worldwide.

It is a route with few departures throughout the year and much interest from divers worldwide, so we recommend that you search for (and book) well in advance.

Much more than the Salem Express

The variety of dives makes this route very unique, with dive sites very different from each other and where you can appreciate all varieties of life and environments that the Red Sea offers, such as reef and pelagic life, the spectacularity of historic wrecks, or the incredible coral walls.

Recommended liveaboards on the Northern Route including Salem Express

You will visit the Gubal Strait with its incredible colorful walls, immerse yourself in the Ras Mohamed National Park, be part of modern history by visiting the most famous wreck in the world: the S.S. Thisthlegorm; and explore the spectacular reefs of Abu Nuhas with the wrecks Giannis D, Carnatic, or Dunraven.

As in the case of the Northern Route plus Wrecks, this is a highly demanded route, but it also does not have departures every week, and many boats have removed it from their itineraries. So if you want to dive on the Northern Route including Salem, it is more than advisable to request a quote in advance, and our travel agencies specialized in dive travel will provide you with your complete program, available dates, and budget with flights, liveaboard accommodation, diving, and transfers.

How is liveaboard diving on the Northern Route including Salem Express?"