North Red Sea plus wrecks liveaboard diving route

The most demanded route in the Red Sea, a dream for wreck diving enthusiasts

North Red Sea plus wrecks liveaboard diving route: diving into history

This is undoubtedly the star liveaboard diving route in the Red Sea, one of the most well-known and sought after. If you have never visited the Red Sea, it is the perfect route for dive cruises to explore world-famous dives; it's also the route that many people come back to.

Suitable for all levels, the northern route holds a multitude of dives and once you get to know it, it becomes a very special route, with very different dive sites where you can appreciate all the virtues that the Red Sea offers, such as reef life, the spectacular nature of its historic wrecks, or the incredible and endless coral walls.

If you want to experience one of the most popular and frequently repeated diving routes in the Red Sea, simply select the cruise that best suits your needs and make your reservation online at the best price with the total guarantee of the leading dive travel agency specializing in liveaboards.

Why is it the most demanded diving route in the Red Sea?

With a relaxed navigation contemplating the Sinai Peninsula, you will visit the Tiran Strait with its incredible colorful walls, immerse yourself in the Ras Mohamed National Park to enjoy wildlife at its best, and be part of modern history by visiting the world's most famous wreck, the S.S. Thistlegorm.

19th Century Wreck Diving

If something characterizes the Red Sea, it is the variety of wrecks from different eras that we can find and dive from a few meters deep. Since the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869, the Red Sea inevitably became a mandatory passage for all merchants and sailors worldwide. But this sea, which hides a paradise for divers in the form of reefs, was a deadly trap for the thousands of vessels that sailed these waters for over a century.

Participating in the Red Sea wreck route, you will dive on some of the best wrecks in the entire Red Sea, with the most spectacular dives in the Gubal Strait and the northern route. This route, only accessible from liveaboard dive boats, mainly departs from Hurghada and visits the reefs of Abu Nuhas where the wrecks of Giannis D, Carnatic, Kimon M, and Krisoula rest, a true paradise for wreck enthusiasts. Then, in the Gubal Strait, you will dive on the old Ulysses, Kinsgstone, and Dunraven, and delve into modern history by visiting two incredible wrecks sunk during World War II: SS Thistlegorm and Rosalie Moller. Some routes include visits to two overwhelming wrecks further south, the Salem Express and the Numidia. Variety, history, and excitement are guaranteed in one of the most sought-after routes by divers worldwide.

While it is a highly demanded route, departures are not as frequent as other popular routes like the classic northern route or Brothers. If you want to dive on the northern route with the most wrecks, we recommend that you make your reservation at least 6 months in advance.

What is liveaboard diving like on the northern route with the most wrecks in the Red Sea?