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Dive into style: your favorite T-Shirts for divers from our store

by Jorge Mezcua on Feb 28, 2023

In January 2023 we launched our clothing store for divers and ocean lovers. And in these 2 months since we opened the store, but more than 6 months of tests and opinions from customers and followers, the diving t-shirts and scuba themed aparel have been the most liked against those of wildlife, for example, or destinations and diving areas.

Both from our followers and friends, customers and also from the data we can get from our website, we see that yes, many divers were looking for those original diving t-shirts that did not exist. We see that this influence of surf culture and retro adapted to diving is liked by divers from different parts of the world.

With this data we can say that these 5 diving shirts are the ones you like the most. 

1. No blue no fun

That's how many of us feel when we stop diving: no blue, no fun. Many of us dive addicts can't wait to get back in the water as soon as the dive is over. Don't deny it, once you're out, you're already planning to get back in. Yes, you will feel more than identified with the print on our t-shirt, with those fins about to enter the water to start the dive.

This unisex T-shirt is made of 100% organic cotton and is available in black and blue for only € 29.50.

diving t-shirt no blue no fun

2. Blue-ringed octopus Dive Club

When we first knew the existence of the blue-ringed octopus, we were amazed by this tiny animal. So hypnotic with its colorful and surprisingly powerful. A jewel that we were fortunate enough to see on a trip to Komodo, and we pay tribute to with this 100% organic cotton t-shirt.

We have given an eighties touch to this diving club T-shirt that, club that if existed, we would become members in a heartbeat just for having the name of our favorite octopus.

You can find it in unisex and ladies cut versions on our website.


blue-ringed octopus t-shirt

3. We the last explorers

It may seem like an exaggeration, but in the ocean there is much more to discover and explore than we know. Much more than on land. And we divers have a very important role to play, both in discovering new species and new dive sites, and even in reporting the loss of biodiversity and pollution of the marine environment.

divers t-shirt we the last explorers

With our "We the last explorers" organic cotton diver t-shirt we want to make the pride of the adventurous diver visible. You can find it on our website for 28,95 € in 5 colors.


4. Whale shark

This Whale Shark Diving T-Shirt tries to reflect the peace and tranquility of whale sharks. How can such a gigantic animal, the largest fish in the ocean, reflect this sense of calm?diving with whale shark t-shirt

This watercolor touch that we given on the ocean floor tries to reinforce the idea of peace and relaxation that inspires us to dive with whale sharks. This T-shirt is made of 100% organic cotton, unisex and available in 6 different colors for only 31,50 €.



5. Nice dive buddy

The first time I heard "Nice dive, buddy" was in the Red Sea, coming out of the water after a dive with a dive buddy from Singapore. I loved that expression with the OK sign that we divers use.

nice dive buddy divers t-shirt

It seemed to me to be a modest expression that summed up a very good dive very well and that always comes to my mind after each dive and I tell it to my various dive buddies. We have symbolized this inexplicable feeling of happiness at the end of each dive with this T-shirt, printed with the well-known silhouette of the diver jumping into the water from the boat, holding the weights and the mask. An image recognized by every diver.

It is made of 100% organic cotton, in white and printed on the chest and back. You can buy it for yourself or as a gift for 37,50 €.




Whether you are looking for diving shirts for yourself or as a gift for that special diver, on our website you will find several options of diving shirts and gifts for divers that will always make you look great.

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