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The best gifts for scuba divers

by Jorge Mezcua on Nov 29, 2022

If you have a friend, buddy, wife, husband or family member who is a diver, you know how important this sport is in their life. They plan their vacations with diving in mind, they spend a lot of money (probably more than they admit) on travel, gadgets, clothes and accessories. The ocean is part of their everyday life and, whether on land or under the surface, you want to share it in the form of a gift.

The perfect gifts for scuba divers are not always easy to find. Some items of gear like the wetsuit, diving mask or BCD are very personal. But there are many other accessories that can be given as a gift without fear of making a mistake.

As scuba divers ourselves, these are the gifts, whether for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, wedding or just because, that divers will always be happy with.


Scuba pointer stick

scuba pointer stick

Myself using a scuba pointer stick in Komodo

Once you use a scuba pointer steel, you will never go back. With this gift your diver will enjoy dive trips even much more. This simple device has a million uses: to warn your buddy by tapping it against the tank, to signal a bug during the dive, to push you and separate you from the reef, to pick up a piece of plastic from the bottom… A must for all those who have used it. You can buy it at Amazon for less than USD 13 €.


t-shirts for scuba divers

Scuba Diving Iphone case

smartphone case

If there is one thing that we always carry with us, that we see constantly and that will help to show our passion for scuba diving, it is our smartphone and its case. The motto "Eat, dive, sleep, repeat" is almost a mantra among divers who have diving in their blood. Especially those who spend their vacations on a liveaboard - basically that's what you do: eat, dive, sleep and so on for a week! You are going to love this very original diving gift and it will not go unnoticed when you put your smartphone on the table with your buddies in blue and remind you that there is less time left for your next dive. You have it available for Iphone and Android in Society6 from about USD 14. Ah, also in sticker.

Blue-Ringed Octopus Dive Club T-Shirt

t-shirt blue-ringed octopus dive club

Our "Blue-ringed octopus dive club" T-shirt is an original gift for any biodiversity lover. With this T-shirt we guarantee that the owner will be the sensation on diving trips and meetings with other dive buddies. It is made of 100% organic cotton and you can find it in its unisex version, for women and even as a sweatshirt in our online store of T-shirts for divers from only 29.95 €.

Abzu videogame

If your divers is a gamer and you love arty video games, will love Abzu. This diving videogame is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC and proposes to immerse ourselves in a dreamlike aquatic world where we interact with marine species such as sharks, turtles, manta rays and countless animals while completing challenges.

It is a very relaxing game, where music is always present, and it will delight all gamers who like to investigate and explore the underwater world. Also the virtual one.

Fin straps

fin straps

If his fins still have the straps that usually come as standard, give him these straps, which will make it very easy to put on and take off the fins. A simple, cheap and super useful gift for divers. You can find this strap on Amazon for less than USD 40 €.

Scuba diving GIFTS between USD 50 & USD 150

Undersuit shirt

scubapro Undersuit shirt

A scuba diving undersuit capable of protecting from UV rays is a gift for the skin. When we are diving, both on day trips and on liveaboard dive boats, we spend a lot of time in the sun, putting on and taking off our wetsuits, exposing ourselves to the rays for long periods of time. A good diving undershirt will protect our skin from UV rays as well as from scratches from the wetsuit. It is true that you can find these shirts for less than USD 30, but if you want one with good protection we recommend you to invest a little more in a consolidated and specialized brand like Scubapro, Cressi or similar. Here you can find it for about USD 45.

White shark hoodie

white shark jumper

For divers who love great whites, we have designed this sweatshirt with a shark print on the back and chest.

We wanted to pay tribute to our favorite species, the great white shark, with this unisex cotton and polyester sweatshirt, which you can find in our store for only €49.75.

Underwater art

underwater art

Another of our original works in watercolor, a tribute, a memory of our first dive with manta rays in Maldives. If you like manta rays and you want to remind him of his love for the blue, this is a good choice. It is available in different sizes here from USD 74.

Marine Biology courses

To dive is to be in constant evolution and learning. Giving a diver a marine biology course as a gift is to expand his world and allow him to grow in his great hobby. You can find marine biology courses specialized in sharks, tropical species or cetaceans from the hand of Reed.co.uk from only USD 100.


Many dive centers have gift packs of 2 to 10 dives that you can buy and the lucky diver can redeem when it suits him best. What else better than giving diving to a diver as a gift? Call the dive center in the area you are most interested in and find out more, they are sure to give you a lot of facilities.

Scuba diving GIFTS between USD 150 & USD 500

Advanced scuba diving course

diving courses

Continuing with training, there are many diving courses that you can give as a gift to expand the limits of your beloved diver. A good Advanced Open Water Diver is a really good gift for an Open Water Diver. But there are many more courses for advanced divers: Rescue, Tec, freediving, Rebreather, Sidemount... the options to improve the training of a diver are almost endless.

Scuba diving suitcase for travelling

If your beloved diver dives intensively she is going to need a good dive bag. A trolley with space, good wheels, sturdy handle, waterproof and with a variety of pockets is what she needs. Especially if is going on diving trips. With this Cressi dive bag you will not go wrong. Less than 180 USD for a suitcase for life touring the world is a great gift for any diver. Guaranteed.

scuba diving suitcase

Dive computer for beginners

The dive computer is also a very personal item but any diver will appreciate it as a gift. You can take a look at this Cressi computer for less than 200 USD, a classic and very interesting to start with. If you can stretch your budget, the Scubapro Aladin A1 is a much better option being a computer that can accompany you much further in your diving journey. Both very easy to use, intuitive and with Nitrox functionality.

dive computer for beginners

Underwater case for smartphone

If your beloved is starting in diving and underwater photography, before spending a lot of money on a camera with housing as you will see below, you can try some of the underwater cases for Iphone or Android on the market. For less than 200 € you can give him a safe and extra resistant underwater cell phone case to record his dives. They have a gel back screen so you can control all the functions of the phone just like out of the water. On Amazon you can find it for less than 200 € and if you dare you can even add accessories for filters and wet lenses.

Gifts for more than 500 USD

Dive trip to...

If you can afford to give a diving trip as a gift, I think there is no better gift you can give to a scuba diver. Here we do have a wide margin: from 1.200 € for an average life aboard in the Red Sea to 5.000 € or 6.000 € for a trip to Galapagos there is a whole world to dive. If you are a beginner here is a list of the best diving trips for Open Water. Another option is to directly give him a place on one of the best diving cruises in the world.

Underwater camera

If she is starting to take underwater photography and video seriously, her Instagram followers are growing, she has become a Premier freak, her goal on trips is to take pictures and she spends more than 50% of the dive looking through the viewfinder of the camera, this gift will make her the happiest person underwater.

There are many, many options, both in cameras and underwater housings. Our recommendation is that you investigate very thoroughly because we are talking about a lot of money. As a simple camera but with a thousand options and very high performance we can recommend from our own experience the Sony Alpha a7II camera with its Ikelite 200DL housing. An excellent camera with 24.3 megapixels, 5-axis image stabilization, ideal underwater and on the surface and with exceptional video quality. However, all in all it costs about 2,500 €.

A more economical option, about half of the above, and very effective, can be the combination of the Olympus TG-6 and its Olympus PT-059 housing. The TG-6 is notable for its macro and microscopic mode although it has a somewhat poor manual mode, but it is perfect for getting started in underwater photography. So, do your research and compare prices. A great gift for any diver, but not cheap.

A legendary watch

jacques cousteau rolex

Jacques Ives Cousteau filming "Le Monde du silence" with his Rolex Submariner

Finally, if you have money and love for that loved one, a gift that will drive him crazy if he is passionate about watches is the Rolex Submariner: the diving watch par excellence and a milestone in the history of watchmaking. This Rolex was designed in 1953 in collaboration with the famous Captain Jacques Ives Cousteu who tested it while filming "Le Monde du silence". It was the first watertight wristwatch, able to guarantee its perfect condition up to 100 meters deep.

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