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Dive in the destination that combines the best of Indonesia: beautiful and healthy coral reefs teeming with macro life and magical pelagic encounters.

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Unforgettable dive trip with the best of Komodo

There are many reasons to go liveaboard diving in Komodo. It has extraordinary dives that will not disappoint anyone: pelagic enthusiasts have access to manta rays dives, the largest sunfish, sharks and, with luck, whale sharks. For macro enthusiasts, Komodo offers world-class muck diving.

Komodo has (almost) everything and is an exceptional option for a first contact with this underwater universe called Indonesia.

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5 reasons to consider a liveaboard dive trip to Komodo


In Komodo there is an unmissable dive, Manta Alley, where you can dive and interact with dozens of manta rays that pass close to you looking for you tickling bubbles. An unforgettable dive.


In Komodo we find excellent muck diving. You will see porcelain crabs, coral or zebra shrimp, a variety of toadfish, blue ringed octopus, rhinopus, scorpion fish, pygmy seahorses, mantis shrimp..... Luxury for macro photographers.


One of the biggest surprises we had in Komodo were the night dives. Komodo in August is just like a soup. Its waters are full of food from the currents it receives from the Great Barrier Reef and thousands of small and large creatures come to feed on this oceanic soup. A flashlight and you will return to be children scrutinizing the hollows of the reef looking for small bugs.


Despite the large number of cruises that visit Komodo, you will not find in any dive another cruise. You will have world class reefs just for you and your group.


How can you visit Komodo and not see its famous dragons? All liveaboard cruises include a visit to the Komodo National Park on Rinca Island to see the dragons. A worthwhile excursion in a unique environment where you can see the dragons up close in their natural habitat.

What is the best time to dive in Komodo?

In Komodo you dive all year round and you can't really say when is the best time to go. There is usually more activity from May to November, being summer a time of higher concentration of plankton and therefore more chances to see mantas in different dive sites and not only in Manta Alley. Of course, the sea is a bit rougher and the crossings can be more uncomfortable. From November to January the visibility is the best and it is also a good time to dive in Komodo.

What certification do I need to dive in Komodo?

On many cruises they only ask for Open Water Diver certification to dive in Komodo, in fact on one of our trips there were quite a few OWD.

But because of the currents that you can suffer and the depth of some dives close to 25 meters, we recommend AOWD certification and at least 50 dives. Nitrox is more than recommended in an area where 4 dives a day are made.

What is a liveaboard dive trip in Komodo like?