M/Y Dolce Vita Liveaboard

The Most Desired Souther Red Sea Diving Routes

Dive in most special routes in the southern Red Sea

The Dolce Vita is a very special liveaboard, not only because of the boat itself but also because of the routes it takes in the Red Sea, some of the most special in the southern Red Sea.

Some of these exceptional trips include the 11-day route, highly sought after by divers from all over the world, such as the "Great South" or "Deep South" of the Sudanese Red Sea. This journey aboard the M/Y Dolce Vita liveaboard is designed for experienced divers who have already been to Southern Red Sea and want to make the most of everything Sudan has to offer. They will undertake a journey of over 240 miles of navigation that almost reaches the ultimate border of Sudan with Eritrea.

This route can only be done for a brief period, at the end of the spring season, as calm seas are required due to the lack of lagoons and maritime shelters as well as the absence of winds. In addition to following the classic program (Shaab Rumi, Sanganeb, Suakin wreck of the Umbría, and Precontinent), we will venture into the mythical places of Dahrat-Abid, Dahrat Qab, Habili Darraka, Ed-Domesh, Habili Lori, Habili Qab-Abu-Isa, Habili Qab-Myum South, Karam Masamirite (North and South), Taimashia, Dibsel Loka, etc., etc.

Multicolored reefs, endless schools of hammerheads competing with other large pelagics, mantas, dolphins, humphead parrotfish, barracudas, gray sharks, silky sharks, silvertip sharks, jacks... the list is endless! But if Sudan is distinguished by something, it is the hammerhead shark, and especially in the south, by the quantity of schools found here.

But the Dolce Vita is much more, with constant routes around the Northern Red Sea, Strait of Tiran to the south, passing through Brothers, Salem Express, Fury Shoal, St. Johns, or Elphinstone.

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