Mermaid II Liveaboard in Raja Ampat

Dive in the TOP 3 Diving Destination at the Best Price

Raja Ampat dive trip aboard the Mermaid II liveaboard

Raja Ampat is a group of over 600 islands belonging to Indonesia and is considered one of the last frontiers of diving, due to its remoteness and lack of infrastructure, but above all for its overwhelming biodiversity. The currents flowing through Raja Ampat carry a large amount of food to corals and other animals, making it possible to see everything from mantas to schools of sweetlips, parrotfish, pygmy seahorses, wobbegong sharks, and a long list of reef fish on each dive. Raja Ampat is a coral paradise, with up to 450 different species of corals, including immense fans and gorgonians.

From the fantastic islands of Misool in the south to Wayang in the north, a trip to Raja Ampat offers top-quality diving that few other places in the world can match. Diving in Raja Ampat is challenging due to the currents, which are usually strong, so divers should be experienced. The water temperature varies between 26 degrees (summer) and 28-30 degrees in our winter. Visibility ranges from 5 to 15 meters at most.

Do you want to dive in one of the world's TOP 1 diving destinations? Dive in Raja Ampat aboard the Mermaid II from only €3,400 per person with up to 33 dives.