Maldives liveaboard diving trips

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Top Maldives liveaboards at the best price

What's so special about Maldives liveaboards diving trips?

The good scuba diving in the Maldives is done by taking advantage of the nourishing currents that pass through the atolls and their channels and give life to the reef, which attracts small life but also the big critters that make the Maldives famous: manta rays, whale sharks, gray sharks, sea turtles, humphead wrasse, sweet lips, jacks.... These dives are only possible on liveaboard dive boats.

Although there are hundreds of resorts that have diving activities, if what we want is to make the most of our diving vacation, there is no doubt that the best option is through liveaboard.

Maldives is after Indonesia the country with the best and biggest liveaboard network, with almost 40 liveaboards covering different routes from north to south and with a wide range of prices and facilities.

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What can you expect on a Maldives liveaboard?

There are few underwater shows as exciting as watching manta rays dance around the cleaning stations waiting to be cleaned by fish. Sometimes up to 20 majestic manta rays will come to these points where divers on liveaboard trips simply wait on the seabed and enjoy a moment of intimacy and closeness that few places like the Maldives can offer.

Maldives is one of the best destinations in the world to dive with whale sharks, practically guaranteed to see them 99% of the time. Only on liveaboards can you have this chance of approaching the Maldivian channels and seeing them pass by.

The Maldives is one of the most luxurious liveaboard destinations in the world, with authentic floating spas and 5-star hotels where you'll enjoy more than just excellent diving. The Maldives liveaboards have become famous for being the most luxurious and exclusive in the world.

Despite the previous point, the Maldives is a much cheaper destination than we usually think. You can find liveaboard deals to dive in the Maldives from as little as €1,100 and with flight deals from around €600 from Europe, your dive trip to one of the best places in the world like the Maldives can be as cheap as €1,700. Not bad for such an exclusive destination right? 😉!

Maldives has some unique routes dedicated to shark lovers, such as the "Sharkastic" route, where you'll become a master of the habits and life of Maldivian sharks. You can also join programs organized in collaboration with the NGO "Manta Trust" to raise awareness about the defense of manta rays as well as make exciting diving itineraries dedicated to diving in the best spots in Maldives to dive with manta rays.

Whether you are Open Water or Advanced, in the Maldives you'll find routes suitable for you, with little current and where the less experienced will feel comfortable to southern routes and between channels where the current is the protagonist, in the Maldives there is diving for everyone.

Many Maldives liveaboards require a minimum number of logged dives, with the exception of Scubaspa Yang and Ying. Ocean Divine requires 20, MV Orion and Amba 50 and Carpe Vita 100. Safety briefings on boats such as Scubaspa Yang and Ying are given on the first day. Check dives on Maldivian liveaboards are often conducted in Male on the first day.

When is the best time to dive in the Maldives?

Although you can dive in the Maldives all year round, there is certainly a better time than another. It is recommended to visit the Maldives between November and May... time also more requested, so it is interesting to book well in advance if we want to find a place.

We can distinguish two seasons, the one that goes from December to May, coinciding with the northeast monsoon, and the one that goes from June to November, time of the southwest monsoon. From December to May, the sea is usually calmer and visibility ranges from 15 to more than 30 metres in some areas. At this time of year the currents are stronger, attracting manta rays feeding on plankton, as well as sharks and other pelagic species.

Between June and November, the skies are more cloudy and the winds are stronger, creating more waves. During this time there is continuous rain, especially in the summer, which significantly reduces the visibility during our dives... but there are also higher concentrations of plankton and a greater chance of seeing large concentrations of manta rays. The water temperature is usually constant throughout the year, between 25 and 28ºC.

What is a liveaboard diving trip like in the Maldives?