Dive trips to Maldives South Route

Meet the most exclusive Maldives, with the healthiest coral reefs and largest pelagics. Meet the best Maldives: the Southern Maldives

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What is so special about liveaboard diving in the southern routes of the Maldives?

A dive trip to the South Maldives will show you how the Maldives were 40 years ago, with pristine reefs, the healthiest in the Indian Ocean, with a mix of diving with giant pelagics and the best and most colorful reef fauna.

If you want to dive in an exclusive Maldives with giant manta rays, up to 7 species of sharks including the biggest whale sharks, turtles or giant Napoleon wrasse, the South of Maldives is your place.

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3 reasons to consider a dive trip to the Maldives on a southern route


The south of the Maldives is an ideal destination for thrill seekers with schools of hammerhead sharks, manta rays and numerous cleaning stations, schools of tuna, jacks, gray sharks, and even tiger sharks.


The south of the Maldives stands out for its diversity, both in terms of life, dive sites and types of dives. The southern Maldives is home to a great diversity of marine life, including vibrant coral reefs, schools of colorful fish and a variety of macrofauna. The dive sites in the area are also known for their healthy and well-preserved coral reefs, which provide habitat for a wide variety of marine life. The southern Maldives offers you a wide variety of dive sites, from gentle reefs with easy diving to channels with strong currents. There are also several well-known dive sites throughout the Maldives, such as Vadinolhu Kandu, a destination for large pelagics attracted by its fierce currents, Muli Corner in Meemu Atoll for diving with sharks and manta rays or Tiger Zoo, the best place to see tiger sharks.


Compared to the popular dive sites in central and northern Maldives, the dive sites in the south are less crowded. This means divers can enjoy a quieter and more relaxed experience without the crowds of other boats and divers.

When is the best time to dive the southern routes of the Maldives?

Although you can dive in the Maldives all year round, and diving in the southern atolls is available all year round, the recommended time to book your Southern route Maldives liveaboard is between December and May. During these months the sea is calmer and you can enjoy excellent water temperatures (between 28 and 29 degrees Celsius).

What is a liveaboard dive trip like in the southern Maldives?