Diving trip to the Lembeh Strait: the strangest mile in the ocean

Why resort diving in the Lembeh Strait?

The Lembeh Strait is undoubtedly one of the best places in the world to dive, with an incomparable natural environment and a meticulous service that will make your vacation an unforgettable experience.

Every dive is a diver's demand for attention, an open mouth and a marine biologist's wet dream. There is also room for beautiful colorful sponges or healthy and strong corals, large gorgonians or white sand beaches and tropical fish such as sweet lips or angels, but unable to take the limelight away from the dirty Lembeh. Take maps to set up a stand, because this strait is a paradise for lovers of "critters" and macro photography, yes, a paradise of mud.

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5 reasons to consider a dive trip to Lembeh Strait


If you have a passion for small, psychedelic, colorful, poisonous and strange looking creatures, Lembeh is your destination. It is a paradise for macro photographers looking for weird creatures like the blue-ringed octopus, frogfish, rhinopias, leaf fish or all kinds of seahorses.


There is no better dive destination in the world to appreciate the variety and diversity of colors, shapes and sizes of nudibranchs. In the Lembeh Strait there is a dive called "Nudi Falls" where you can literally dive with more than 100 different species of nudibranchs.


The dives in Lembeh are easy, shallow, current free and always full of life. You will have long dives full of surprises, but as with all muck diving destinations, although they are for all levels, good buoyancy is required to avoid injury and damage.


In addition to the exceptional diving you will experience, your Lembeh diving trip will allow you to enjoy a great vacation, relaxing on paradisiacal beaches, jungle excursions, trekking to see volcanoes, paddle surfing excursions? A lot of diving, but also a lot of other activities.

What is a diving trip from the Lembeh Strait like?