Liveaboard diving trip

Indonesia is the most complete diving destination in the world, with extraordinary coral gardens, the greatest biodiversity, diving with large predators, vertiginous walls and the best muck diving in the world.

Dive the world's most complete diving destination: Indonesia

¿Por qué plantearse un viaje de buceo a Indonesia?

The coral gardens and manta rays of Komodo, the wobbegong sharks of Raja Ampat, the muck diving and critters of Lombok, the thresher sharks of the Forgotten Islands... Indonesia is perhaps the most complete liveaboard diving destination in the world and where we can find some of the most unique liveaboard boats, with traditional dream sailing boats for a perfect diving vacation.

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Why are Indonesia's scuba diving liveaboards considered the best in the world?

The largest number of itineraries on the planet

Indonesia is a country of 17,000 islands and very different dive areas among them so imagine the diversity of available routes: Komodo, Raja Ampat, Sulawesi, Lembeh, Flowers, Ring of Fire... many of the best diving spots in the world can be found on the liveaboard routes of Indonesia.

The greatest biodiversity in the world

Period. In Indonesia you can find more than 3,000 species of fish and 600 species of coral being the area of ​​the planet with the highest marine biodiversity. Indonesia has much to thank for the marine currents that have loaded its waters with food and where coral gardens and reef species have found an extraordinary place to live. Indonesia is a gift for the most demanding divers.

The best macro

This situation and biodiversity has made Indonesia to have the best macro diving (small and strange critters) of the planet. Many divers from around the world join liveaboards in Indonesia hoping to see curious fish such as frogfish, pipe fish or rhinopias, blue-ringed octopus, all kinds of strange molluscs or colorful nudibranchs.

And excellent pelagic diving

Diving In Indonesia you can also find many big amazing big creatures like mantarays, many different shark species, whales, dolphins or turtles. As you can see, Indonesia has many things to offer both for macro lovers and for those looking for big fish encounters.

Feel like Jack Sparrow

Something that occurs in just a few places in the world is the great offer of sailing liveaboards made with wood in the traditional Indonesian way. Yes, very similar to the pirate ships of the movies. Some liveaboards like the Sambambaia or the Tiare Liveaboard will make you feel like Jack Sparrow himself.

Unique tourism

In Indonesia, the land excursions are almost as valuable as the diving. With spectacular sunsets climbing volcanoes and spotting beautiful islets loaded with vegetation, visits to the Komodo National Park to see its famous dragons, there is a wide range of excursions like those to the traditional villages of Raja Ampat or to see how fishing boats are still made in the traditional way. 

What is a liveaboard in Indonesia like?