Diving Trip to Chuuk Lagoon, the Greatest Shipwreck Graveyard

A unique journey in the world. Only for true wreck diving enthusiasts? World War II history at your fingertips.

Diving Trip to Chuuk Lagoon, the Greatest Shipwreck Graveyard

The underwater paradise reserved for a privileged few

The Chuuk Archipelago is located in the Pacific, approximately 1,400 kilometers east of Papua New Guinea. Part of the Micronesian states like Yap or Palau, Truk, the name of these islands until 1990, was a colony of Spain until 1898.

For a significant number of divers, wreck diving is one of the greatest pleasures, one of the most sought-after objectives. If these wrecks have a rich history that makes you feel like an adventurer, it's even better. And if, in addition, these remains have been colonized by underwater life, the dive is an absolute success. There are few places in the world that combine these three aspects, and Chuuk Lagoon (or Truk Lagoon as it was known previously) is possibly the diving destination that best and most incredibly combines these three aspects.

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What is it like a diving trip to Chuuk Lagoon?