Sudan dive trip

Sudan is the wildest destination in the Red Sea, an almost untouched area where you can dive with sharks, healthy reefs and one of the best wrecks in the world, the Umbria.

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Sudan: The wildest Red Sea for shark diving lovers

Sudan is the wildest and most pristine diving area in the Red Sea, where encounters with sharks and large pelagics are more common than in the Egyptian Red Sea, and where you can dive mythical wrecks like the Umbria or the Blue Belt. Away from the crowded areas of the Red Sea, you can find pristine coral reefs such as Abington or Sanganeb and dive over the remains of Precontinent II, a submarine station created by Captain Cousteau in 1960.

The untouched reefs of Sudan have impressive walls visited by pelagics whose number and variety will surprise the most demanding divers: from schools of hammerhead sharks to reef sharks or manta rays, depending on the season, schools of barracudas or carangids. In its reefs we can also find all types of small life common in the Red Sea: butterfly fish, anthias, hawkfish, lionfish, clownfish, etc.. An essential place for advanced divers who dream of a cleaner Red Sea.

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What is a dive safari in Sudan like?

Diving season in Sudan

The best time to dive in Sudan is between February and June, that’s when the sea gathers more different species and marine life is the richest. The autumn months are also very good, especially in October, the manta ray sighting season in Sudan, near the Mesharifa reef. The hammerhead shark season goes from January to April while the other common sharks of Sudan, like grey and reef sharks, can be seen throughout the year.

Sudan guarantees very good visibility, from 20 to 30 meters throughout the year, although some sites have a lower overall visibility. The dry season (November to June) generally has better visibility than the rainy season (May to October).

The temperatures of the water and the air reach their maximum point between June and September, when we can find sea temperatures of 31 to 33° C. From December to March is when we find the water somewhat less warm, between 23 and 26º C. 


You can dive in Sudan with Open Water certification in Sudan but we recommend AOWD certification and at least 30 dives. It is an area that can have strong currents and great depths, so it is advisable to have some experience.