Palau liveaboard diving trip

Dive in Palau, a unique dive destination in the world, full of contrasts, from sharks to the amazing mandarin fish to World War II wrecks.

The best liveaboard offers in Palau

Palau is located in the area of the planet that offers the best conditions for marine life, with currents full of nutrients and close to the Coral Triangle. Palau holds unique dives that will not leave you indifferent, with corners full of sharks, caves with spectacular light effects, vertiginous walls that go up to 2,000 meters, a multitude of the largest pelagics, remains of historical air battles, hundreds of species of corals and gorgonians hosting the smallest and most photogenic creatures...

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5 reasons to go liveaboard diving in Palau


Palau is considered one of the best shark diving destinations in the world. In Palau we can see up to 9 different species of sharks on our dives: blacktip, whitetip, gray, nurse, leopard, hammerhead, silvertip, tiger and bull sharks.


Palau was a very important enclave during the Pacific Battles of World War II. There are so many wrecks in its waters that it is known as "The other Truk Lagoon", with first class wrecks now full of life.


In Palau we have what has been rated by many dive magazines as the best dive site in the world: "Blue Corner". This reef and its steep walls are home to a large number of schools of fish and pelagic species such as gray sharks, whitetip or hammerhead sharks, schools of large tunas or barracudas, green turtles, giant Napoleon wrasses nibbling at the coral walls, hawksbill and green turtles, eagle rays, giant groupers, butterfly fish or black triggerfish are some of the permanent residents of this incredible site. Occasionally, manta rays and whale sharks can be seen.


Although you can no longer dive in it (for now), Palau is home to the famous Jellyfish Lake, a unique experience where divers can swim among thousands of harmless jellyfish. An unforgettable experience and a unique opportunity for any underwater photographer.


Palau is one of the countries most focused on protecting its marine environment, especially its sharks, and was one of the first countries to ban shark fishing in its waters and promote shark diving. Diving in Palau means supporting these efforts to ensure that the marine environment remains healthy for future generations.

What is a liveaboard diving trip in Palau like?