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Our Top 5 T-Shirts of Sharks

by Jorge Mezcua on Dec 08, 2022

Let me get straight to the point: sharks are our favorite animal by far. We are fascinated by the evolution of this animal and its survival instinct. So we had to design a special edition of shark T-shirts and sweatshirts for our store.

We have traveled halfway around the world to dive with sharks. Although we are missing some top destinations like Galapagos or Palau, our shark dives have inspired us to create this new collection.

It has been designed for shark lovers like ourselves, whether or not they have dived with their dream animal. Oh, and also we designed to be a great gift for scuba divers and shark lovers. These are our 5 favorite shark t-shirts:

1. No fear in the sea

We have not yet dived with great white sharks, true, but we dream of that moment arriving pretty soon. What will we feel when we come face to face with the great white? Fear? Just excitement? Both feelings? A new one never felt before? This T-shirt also refers to a very special date for us, 2010, when we finally dived with our first shark.

white shark t-shirts

This white shark t-shirt is made of organic cotton, like all our t-shirts, with print on the chest and back - our favorite!

Available at our store for 36€ >>>

2. Watercolor whale shark t-shirt

Watercolor paintings reflect peace, tranquility and delicacy. The same thing that whale sharks represent for us. How can 20 tons animal reflect such delicacy? Once you dive or swim close to the whale shark, you will understand it.

whale shark t-shirt

This watercolor painting, created by our design team, all divers, wanted to reflect that extraordinary moment of diving with whale sharks. That unreal moment, that even on the surface, a few minutes after the encounter, still seems like a dream. Take with you that moment of solitude and perfect communion with the wildest nature with this t-shirt.

You can buy it on our store for 31.50€ >>>

3. Tiger Beach Bahamas T-Shirt

If there is one place where your nerves will be tested, it is Tiger Beach, Bahamas. There, on the sandy bottom, you will see the biggest tiger sharks that exist in the Caribbean pass by your side. A unique experience for the most adventurous divers.

tiger beach bahamas t-shirt

It is available in 4 colors here >>>

4. Maldives Dreams whale shark t-shirt

Those who have dived in Maldives know that whale shark dives are very special. It is true that the Maldives is one of the most desirable manta ray diving sites in the world, but there we find some of the most sociable whale sharks in the ocean.

This T-shirt with front and back print refers to that dream of diving with whale sharks in paradise.

whale shark t-shirt maldives

You can buy it in black and white >>>

5. Hammerhead shark in the Red Sea

We leave for the end a T-shirt and a destination that makes us especially excited. In the Red Sea we lived our first international diving trip experience in 2010 and also where we dived for the first time with sharks.

We have tried to summarize in this organic cotton t-shirt the sites we are most passionate about in the Red Sea, crowned by a species of shark that we have seen more than once on our trips to the southern Red Sea: the hammerhead shark.

hammerhead shark t-shirt

Now available on our website in 4 colors for only 31€ >>>

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