Tiburón azul, el tiburón más elegante del océano
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Blue shark, the most elegant shark in the ocean

by Jorge Mezcua on Feb 22, 2023

Blue sharks (Prionace glauca) are one of the most abundant and migratory species of sharks, able to occupy the seas and oceans of the entire planet, except for the poles. It is a species with great swimming capacity, capable of swimming distances of up to 5,000 kilometers to cover its migrations.

It is one of the most elegant sharks thanks to its long and slender body, up to 4 meters long, with long and slender pectoral fins. Its intense metallic blue color gave it its name, which contrasts with the snowy white of its belly. It feeds on squid, bonito, jacks and small fish that it hunts in schools that move along the ocean.

Despite being one of the most heavily fished sharks in the European Union, it is not possible to make a true estimate of the existing blue shark population. In the EU alone, 4,000 tons of this shark are caught each year and it is believed that up to 20 million of these specimens are caught each year, mainly for the production of shark fin soup.


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Where to dive with blue sharks

Perhaps diving with blue sharks is not as popular or sought after as diving with other species such as Tiger sharks or Longimanus sharks, but it is a great luxury to encounter a shark so elegant, curious and surprising for its size and electric colors.


If you want to experience some unforgettable dives with blue sharks, these destinations are the best in the world to dive with them.


The Azores are a great destination for blue shark diving. The depth of its waters and the Atlantic currents that attract the blue sharks favorite food such as tuna and squid, call the blue sharks to the surface. Areas such as Faial and Princess Alice are ideal for diving with these sharks.

blue sharks in azores

Baja California

Cabo San Lucas, Baja California (Mexico), is a very well known and popular diving destination. Among other things because of the sharks. The mixture of the currents of the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez together with the great depths make this area loaded with food for small and large creatures. Among these large species are blue sharks, makos, hammerheads, silky sharks, galapagos... An exceptional diving destination.

South Africa

The Great White Shark is the main protagonist of diving in South Africa and seems to leave no room for any other shark species. But in South Africa, more specifically in Gansbaai Bay, a small fishing village in the southwest of the country, we have a real shark paradise with some of the rarest and most unusual sharks: the Triakis megalopterus, the Leopard Shark, the Pyjama Shark, the Copper Shark (Carcharhinus brachyurus) and yes, the Blue Shark. 

blue shark in south africa


The Bahamas are famous for diving with tiger sharks at Tiger Beach and also diving with large hammerhead sharks. But we can also find blue sharks in deep water dives, among many other species of great interest to divers such as mobulas, marlins, oceanic white tip sharks or dolphins. These dives are usually done around Cat Island.


With the exception of manta ray diving in Kona, Hawaii is not a popular destination for divers all over the world, despite the fact that more than 40 different species of sharks are found in its waters. Among them are the blue sharks. This species can often be seen in areas such as the north shore of Oahu and the island of Molokai.

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